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We are for welfare, finance and technology

DK offers a new welfare scheme for new generation of Bhutanese. It is an evolution of tradition-based social safety net, called Kidu, into a smart mobile app to suit the changing times and shifting demographics. Thus we are Digital Kidu (DK).

The state-of-the-art technology used by DK offers an opportunity to explore FinTech in the country as plausible sector give more opportunities to the people on a digital platform. We offer smart financial solutions through a mobile app. DK is a perfect blend of welfare, money and technology to enhance your financial wellbeing.

We mind your wellbeing

Our Mission

We want to help all Bhutanese build resilience, confidence and security through innovative financial tools and technologies so that people are empowered to live meaningful and fulfilled lives with exciting opportunities.

We want to help businesses emerge and evolve in the digital economy to be more creative and productive.

  • Financial inclusion fast-tracked by digital adoption & transformation.
  • Digital transformation triggered by digital access & digital literacy.
  • Digital adoption facilitated by seamless & intuitive user experience.
  • Not profit driven. A SMART solution to meet all your financial needs.