Who can I pay to?

You can pay or transfer money easily to other individuals, businesses or essential service providers that are also using the DK app.

How can I make payment or transfer funds?

On the payment page:

  1. Select or create a new payee
  2. Enter the amount that you would like to pay or transfer
  3. Upon confirmation, you will be able to view and share the details of your completed transaction

What is this ‘purpose code’ on the payment screen?

When you make payments or transfer on the DK app, we will require you select the purpose for easy tracking in the future.

What is remaining daily limit?

For security reasons, you can only transfer a maximum of BTN 1,000,000 every day to other non-DK users. After every transaction, we will automatically calculate and update you on your remaining daily limit.

What is the maximum per transaction?

There is no limit to the amount you can pay or transfer to other DK users. However, there is a daily limit of BTN 1,000,000 for transactions with other non-DK users.

What are the things to take note when making payment to Essential Service Providers?

For a start, we have partnered some essential service providers to make bill payments easier and more convenient for you. These include: Bhutan Telecom Ltd., TashiCell, Bhutan Power Corporation Ltd., Thimphu Thromde.

Will I be notified on my payment?

Yes, both you and your payee (except for essential service providers) will receive a notification to let you know that the transaction has been successful.

Can I screenshot for my payment?

Yes, feel free to take a screenshot of your transaction status for sharing or tracking purposes.

What is ‘Add to Favourites’?

‘Add to favourites’ allows you to save the account numbers of your family, friends and businesses you frequent. This helps you save time when you want to pay or transfer money to them in the future.

Can I delete tagged favourites?

Yes, you can add or delete favourites any time you want.

What if my payment is not successful?

Check with your recipient if they have received the payment successfully. If your account is deducted and your recipient haven’t received the payment, please call our help centre at 8888.