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The Basics

What is
Digital Kidu?

Digital Kidu (DK) is the smart evolution of Bhutan’s traditional welfare support for all its citizens.

With just one mobile app, we make it easier for you to save, pay, and bank.

Who can apply for Digital Kidu?

You can apply for an account if you are:

  • a Bhutanese aged 18 and above, with a valid CID and mobile number; or
  • a Bhutan businesses with a valid business license

What do I need to apply for Digital Kidu?

For individuals, please get ready your CID card.

For businesses, please get ready a copy of your business license. Ensure that your license has at least 30 days of validity from the date of your account application.

Where is DK physical branch?

DK is mobile only. We do not have physical branches and offices. We want to make it simple and easy for you to do everything online with ultra security. However, if you face issues with our services, you can always contact our help center at 8888.