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The DK Laptop Loan

Inspired by His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo’s vision for a Digitally Inclusive Nation, Digital Kidu (DK) endeavours to ensure all students are supported in terms of their technology needs while on campus or while learning remotely during the pandemic. DK has come up with a scheme called “DK Laptop Loan” for students pursuing information technology courses. This zero interest loan with no collateral, security or guarantor is granted to students with repayment starting only after the moratorium period. The moratorium period thus granted includes the entire course duration with an additional of 2 years, thereafter.

Who can apply?

Bhutanese student who is 18 years old and above, and having a valid citizenship identification card. He/she should also have secured admission in college affiliated under RUB (excluding final year students). Students disadvantaged by socio-economic barriers are encouraged to use this opportunity.

Scheme detail

Loan Amount Nu. 43,000.00 (Ngultrum Forty Three Thousand) only
Interest rate 0%
Loan term 2 years
Loan payments start date 2 years after graduation (i.e. if you are graduating in June 2023, the loan has to repay only from June 2025 and loan has to be pay off by June 2027)
Early settlement Can repay beforehand the entire amount to liquidate the loan. Partial payment is not allowed. Students who liquidate the entire amount of loan shall have advantage points in credit scoring.

Disclaimer: This scheme shall be available to the students only once.


  1. This scheme will be open for application from 4 June 2021 till 25 August 2021. Any further extension of the timescales will be informed to the focal person of the respective colleges or RUB for their action on the same.
  2. New admission to college can apply for a loan only after your registration is done with college and receive the student ID from college.
  3. The laptop will be delivered to the respective colleges within one week after the deadline of the application date.

Application Process

All applications for this scheme have to be applied through the DK app. Following are the process to be followed by the students:

Step One

  1. Those students who don’t have a savings account in DK shall open a savings account. For account opening, the students require a valid CID number, date of birth and phone number.
  2. Once onboarded, the marketing page will pop out where the student has the option to click on the “Apply now” button to directly apply for the DK laptop loan or the students can click on the “Don’t show this again” button to apply later which they have to follow step two.
  3. Those students who already have a savings account can directly go to step two.

Step Two

  1. Log in to the DK app and select the “More icon”, then click on the “Loan icon”.
  2. Students have to confirm the following three confirmation pages:
    • Loan detail screen – Will display loan amount, loan period, indicative monthly repayment and Repayment start date.
    • Personal detail screen- Will display your full name, gender, date of birth, mobile number and email id.
      Incase if the student wants to change mobile number or email address, he/she has to return to Home Screen and click on “My Profile” under menu bar and change accordingly;
    • College detail screen- Will display college name, course name, student ID, current year of study and year of completion.
      If there is any discrepancy in the detail shown in the app, kindly contact the 8888 call center of DK for any changes in details. The student should not proceed further until DK corrects the discrepancy details.
  3. Students are required to read the Terms and Conditions (T&C) carefully before accepting T&C, then proceed by clicking the “Submit” button.
  4. Students will receive One Time Pin (OTP) in their registered mobile number for authentication.
  5. Loan approved screen will be displayed with laptop collection date.
  6. View details to see the loan information.